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Recent Publications

  • 2024
    • Taming False Positives in Out-of-Distribution Detection with Human Feedback
      Harit Vishwakarma, Heguang Lin, Ramya Korlakai Vinayak
      AISTATS 2024
    • Learning Populations of Preferences via Pairwise Comparison Queries
      Gokcan Tatli, Reid (Yi) Chen, Ramya Korlakai Vinayak
      AISTATS, 2024
    • The Expressive Power of Low-Rank Adaptation
      Yuchen Zeng and Kangwook Lee
      ICLR 2024
    • Image Clustering Conditioned on Text Criteria
      Sehyun Kwon, Jaeseung Park, Minkyu Kim, Jaewoong Cho, Ernest K. Ryu, and Kangwook Lee
      ICLR 2024
    • Teaching Arithmetic to Small Transformers
      Nayoung Lee, Kartik Sreenivasan, Jason Lee, Kangwook Lee, and Dimitris Papailiopoulos
      ICLR 2024
    • Looped Transformers are Better at Learning Learning Algorithms
      Liu Yang, Kangwook Lee, Robert D Nowak, and Dimitris Papailiopoulos
      ICLR 2024
    • Limitations of Face Image Generation
      Harrison Rosenberg, Shimaa Ahmed, Guruprasad V Ramesh, Ramya Korlakai Vinayak, Kassem Fawaz
      AAAI, 2024
  •  2023
    • Crowdsourced Clustering via Active Querying: Practical Algorithm with Theoretical Guarantees
      Reid (Yi) Chen, Ramya Korlakai Vinayak, Babak Hassibi
      AAAI HCOMP, 2023
    • Efficiently Learning Relative Similarity Embeddings with Crowdsourcing
      Scott Sievert, Robert Nowak, Timothy Rogers
      Journal of Open Source Software
    • Deep learning meets sparse regularization: A signal processing perspective
      Rahul Parhi, Robert D Nowak
      IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
    • A Continuous Transform for Localized Ridgelets
      Joseph Shenouda, Rahul Parhi, Robert D Nowak
      SampTA 2023
    • Promises and Pitfalls of Threshold-based Auto-labeling
      Harit Vishwakarma, Heguang Lin, Frederic Sala, Ramya Korlakai Vinayak
      NeurIPS, 2023. (Spotlight).
    • Algorithm Selection for Deep Active Learning with Imbalanced Datasets
      Jifan Zhang, Shuai Shao, Saurabh Verma, Robert Nowak
      NeurIPS 2023
    • Multi-task Representation Learning for Pure Exploration in Bilinear Bandits
      Subhojyoti Mukherjee, Qiaomin Xie, Josiah P Hanna, Robert Nowak
      NeurIPS 2023
    • DPOK: Reinforcement Learning for Fine-tuning Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
      Ying Fan, Olivia Watkins, Yuqing Du, Hao Liu, Moonkyung Ryu, Craig Boutilier, Pieter Abbeel, Mohammad Ghavamzadeh, Kangwook Lee, Kimin Lee
      NeurIPS 2023
    • Prompted LLMs as Chatbot Modules for Long Open-domain Conversation
      Gibbeum Lee, Volker Hartmann, Jongho Park, Dimitris Papailiopoulos, and Kangwook Lee
      ACL 2023 (Findings, Short)
    • Why Is Prompt Tuning for Vision-Language Models Robust to Noisy Labels?
      Cheng-En Wu, Yu Tian, Haichao Yu, Heng Wang, Pedro Morgado, Yu Hen Hu, Linjie Yang
      ICCV 2023
    • A Unified Audio-Visual Learning Framework for Localization, Separation, and Recognition
      Shentong Mo, Pedro Morgado
      ICML 2023